Open 4 Mother's Day

May 12, 2018  •  14 Comments

Spunk and Lola think it's about time I got my butt into gear, cleaned and opened the deck.


I got new flowers to plant in the pots around the deck, cleaned up the deck, and opened the deck for mother's day. Tomorrow we are going to do some grilling and party with the kitties between all the stuff that has to be done to finish up the school year.










T & L Photos
Hi Julie. It is a foxglove.
Great images Tim .. gorgeous flowers. Is that a foxglove? Love the look on Spunk’s face
Juanita Ortega(non-registered)
Yes it’s time to get out and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Your flower photos are so colorful and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
How lovely to get out and sit in all that beauty.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Christine!
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