A Tail and Two Temperatures

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There are really four temperatures represented, but I'm comparing two each of the temperatures — 1) indoor/outdoor and 2) under canopy/in the shade. The second photo of our weather station screen shows an indoor temperature of 70.2ºF and an indoor humidity of 55% at 18:13. The outdoor temperature is 90.7ºF and the outdoor humidity is 12%. So how is it the indoor temperature is so much cooler and the humidity so much higher than it was outdoors? I'm running an evaporative cooler, also known as a "swamp cooler". The reason the outdoor humidity is at 12% is because I irrigated last night and the ground around the outdoor thermometer is saturated. According the the Weather Channel, the relative humidity in Albuquerque at 18:15 was 8%. 

The temperature by Lola's tail around 18:00 was about 88ºF under the canopy on the deck. The temperature on the thermometer hanging on the fence in the shade behind Rio Samba at 18:05 was about 84ºF. It was 4 degrees cooler in the shade than on the deck. The deck was 2 degrees cooler than out in the open, and the outdoor humidity was low enough, that the swamp cooler was able to keep the house 20 degrees cooler than the outdoor temperature.



Rio Samba


You are really silly. You know that don't you?


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Lola looks like she is enjoying herself .. love the last pic Tim :)
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Great post! Love the pics!
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