First Snow on the 2nd

December 02, 2018  •  18 Comments

A nice smile from the red VW Bug.


We got our first snow of the season early this morning. About an inch and a half of snow fell producing 0.16 inch of precipitation according to our rain gage. The kitties and I went out first thing this morning to play in the snow and do photos.

Black Bamboo bowing under the weight of the snow. Marble in the foreground.



The catio


Layers of snow covered dried grasses, black bamboo and trees at 7:02 AM.


Snow doesn't last long out here. Layers of dried grasses, black bamboo and trees at 9:48 AM.




Cornfield and Cranes


Cranes in the apple orchard






Mia's tree



T & L Photos
Hi Michelle Marie. The snow was pretty while it lasted. I had to get right out and photograph it. It was gone by mid morning.
Michelle Marie(non-registered)
Wow I have snow envy! So so beautiful. I love how the snow falls so softy and then later is so heavy! It's a magical time! We are supposed to get now again tomorrow! Happy 66 from the Oklahoma side! :)
T & L Photos
Thanks, Gerald!
Gerald Chambers(non-registered)
Brilliant shots!
T & L Photos
Hi Couriers. You got it right.
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