Dog Day at the Pet Parade

September 26, 2015  •  22 Comments

A Chinese Char Pei sports fashionable fall colors


The pet parade launched the Corrales Harvest Festival. I think there were a few more dogs than horses, so the blog goes to the dogs today.


Bo Peep about to lose her sheep


Bo Beep got her sheep under control


When chihuahuas go on vacation


Bat dog


Bat dog and bike


Aye Captan I'm being regurgitated by a muppet


Corrales Police chihuahua rides shotgun


Corrales Police chihuahua keeping an eye on the parade



T & L Photos
Thanks, Nabil.
Nabil @ SketchGrowl Dog Portraits(non-registered)
I'm loving all the dog outfits! They're so cute! :)

T & L Photos
Thanks, Miz Shaaz!
Lol so cute! love all the costumes
T & L Photos
Thanks, Teri! I think the barking sheep was having a great time. I'm not so sure about Bo Beep.
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