We Wish You a Merry Catmas

December 24, 2018  •  20 Comments

Sasha pondering the paparazzo before getting involved in a swat at ornaments and tear up tinsel play session.


In the thirty-six and a half years that Laurie and I have been married, we have never had a traditional Christmas tree. In keeping with our tradition of non-traditional Christmas trees, I built the kitties a Catmas tree out of three large cottonwood branches that look like antlers once I bolted them together. Then I wrapped some rope between the branches and the ceiling, and loaded the Catmas tree with tinsel the kitties could tear up, and ornaments they could swat at, knock off, and then continue batting around like soccer balls after they bounced round on the floor. Sasha has found it most fun to swat the ornaments around until they fall off the tree, and tear up the tinsel. Marble also really likes playing with the ornaments and tinsel, but she also discovered her tail moves around with the ornaments, so she will try to get her tail by reaching under the platforms almost falling off the Catmas tree in the process. Loki, Silver and Spunk don't play much with the ornaments or tinsel, but the love to lie around on the platforms, especially in the wine box I screwed onto the highest platform. They wait in line for the wine box and sometimes fight over it like they do the kitty hammocks. Lola and Najar have shown little interest in the Catmas tree.


Spunk got worn out helping me build the Catmas tree. The branches are big and heavy, and it was a lot of work.


Silver, Sasha and Spunk helping decorate the Catmas tree.


Sasha trying out swatting an ornament while Spunk and Laurie watch.


Abstraction by Silver


Silver pondering an ornament


I finally got all the lights up. Sasha looks on from the chair, while Silver lounges in the wine box.


Marble and Loki watching Sasha swat at an ornament and tear up tinsel.


Marble looking under the ornaments at the silly paparazzo.


Sasha going for the tinsel


Caught the swat.


Sasha batting at an ornament


Loki pondering the meaning of Catmas.

Merry Catmas! From Spunk, Najar, Lola, Sasha, Sliver, Marble and Loki.


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The kitties wanted the catmas tree to be permanent. I have to be careful what all I do for the kitties.
Your pictures are amazing, and I can see how much you do for and with your cats. It's really nice to see that. Thank you for letting me discover this blog
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Thanks, Couriers!
The cats are the best decoration ever.
T & L Photos
Hi David. We have 2 inches so far.
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