I Had A Dream

December 20, 2018  •  22 Comments

Old chicken shed built around 1948. My dad and I lifted the roof on the north side in the 1970's so we could walk in the shed, and I put the corrugated fiberglass on the framework that holds the roof up to provide light.


Back in 2012 when we had the house I grew up in demolished (You can see the demolition here). I had the demolition team save the 17' x 13" x 8" beam that my dad had acquired from a church that burned down in the 1960's. I had a dream of putting that giant beam under the roof in the shed, and taking down 16 feet of the north wall so we could park two or three of our project cars in the shed.  I started my holiday leave this week, and decided to make the shed my first priority. Monday and Tuesday I cleaned a whole lot of junk out of the front part of the shed, took it to the dump, and then moved a lot of stuff we had on shelves along the north wall to the back of the shed. On Wednesday, I dug two 4 feet deep holes, 16 feet apart, cut telephone poles and put them in the holes for the uprights to hold the 17 feet long giant beam. Tristan and Craig came out today, we lifted the giant beam into place, secured it, and then we started to tear down the cinderblock wall to open up the 16 feet under the beam. Tristan and Craig had a lot of fun knocking down the cinderblocks with a sledge hammer. I need to get a masonry blade to make clean cuts in the cinderblocks next to the telephone poles so I can frame in the opening. Then I'll fill in the holes the telephone poles are in with concrete.


North wall with the two telephone poles in their holes.


The 17 feet long giant beam.


Giant beam in place, most of the north wall between the telephone poles down.


Inside looking out with the giant beam in place on the telephone poles, and most of the wall down between the telephone poles, exposing a few of our project cars.


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Thanks, Michelle!
Oh wow you're busy. I love that hard work pays off. Nice old car shot.
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Thanks, Angela. I am really happy to finally have that beam up and back in good use.
What a great project! Thanks for sharing. I love any kind of architectural salvage and that beam deserved another incarnation.
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Hi Herman. True, but it will be restored back to pink.
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