Macros 4 Mother's Day

May 13, 2018  •  21 Comments

Solar system balloon


Loki, Lola and I were still in bed at sunrise. Loki was sprawled out from my thighs to my stomach, purring therapeutically as I scritched him around his face. Lola was laying on my right arm and shoulder with her head snuggled under my chin. We were all quite comfortable enjoying a peaceful morning.  Our scratch and purr fest ended abruptly when Loki and Lola sat up straight to the swooshing sound of burners. Both of the kitties ran across my chest to the window to see what was making the noise. They probably recognized the sound of the balloons' burners, and were looking for the balloons — all our cats love watching hot air balloons when they float over the house. I got up, grabbed my camera and walked out the front door to find two black balloons passing overhead. One was solid black, the other had the solar system on it. I made coffee using Coconut Almond Delight flavored beans for Laurie's coffee, and the usual dark roast beans for my coffee.  I did a few chores before going outside to drag hoses around and start drip systems on the Sunday rotation. I noticed a lot of bees, tiny butterflies and a ladybug were foraging in the flowers and purple salvia every time I went out to check on water, take breaks from research, and while I was walking back and forth from the grill preparing our mother's day meal. The bees, butterflies and ladybug called for me to use a macro lens for Mother's Day.


All black









Dr. Huey joined us on the deck




The ladybug was shy and kept hiding behind leaves.



Crab spider reminded me it was time to prepare our mother's day meal.


I thew a couple of streaks and giant shrimp on the grill.


Prepared corn, seasoned fries, salad, and topped the steaks with green chile and extra sharp cheddar cheese.


My steak was medium rare. Laurie likes hers more on the rare side. All was delicious.



T & L Photos
Hi Julie. It's a tiny native bee we have out here. I don't know the name of it, but it's a really good pollinator.
I’m so pleased all those bugs called out for the macro! Such fabulous shots Tim .. the bee flying to the pink dianthus (?) is a stunner. What is that spider making a meal of?
Oh that's great! Thanks Timothy, I'll check out the website.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Ms. Shaaz! If you want to try some of the flavored coffee like I make for Laurie every morning, you can order it from New Mexico Piñon Coffee at
Beautiful shots as usual! I've never heard of the coconut almond cream before but it sound so yummy! How wonderful to see hot air balloons just floating by, I rarely see those here. And that dinner looks great! it just made me excited for summer.
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