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Walking in the Rain

August 15, 2018  •  4 Comments




Ode de Toilette

August 14, 2018  •  4 Comments

The above style toilette is fairly common on the streets in Paris. But when you are out on the street they are not always as plentiful as we would have liked. More than once when we finally found one, really needing to use it, the darn thing would be out of order. Then we would find a bar, buy coffee and fizzy water, and they would let us use their restrooms.


There are several articles on the Internet right now about the "Uritrottoir", eco-freindly public street urinals that have apparently popped up in Paris recently. If they were on the streets a month ago, we missed them, but I got photos of a few other toilets around Paris. This article from EWN Eyewitness News has a good lead photo that illustrates why the Uritrottoirs are not sitting or standing well with Parisians: https://ewn.co.za/2018/08/14/paris-residents-peeved-at-very-public-eco-friendly-urinals.

We walked up and down both sides of the Seine in the red zone I marked out in the above map. If I had come across a Uritrottoir I would have photographed it. We walked all over NE, east and SE Paris this trip. According to my Fitbit, I logged 208,180 steps for a total of 98.45 miles during the eight days we were in Paris. 

I did see these public urinals in several areas in Paris. However, I never saw anyone using them.


This is a fine example of a toilette in a men's room in the New Sorbonne. Note there is no lid to worry about putting up or down, convenient yellow floor, and grab bars that double as toilet paper holders.


This is the abstract version outside the National Conservatory.


Bitten by a Tse-tse Fly

August 13, 2018  •  12 Comments

I was lying on the deck, and...


Thinking about things to come, and...


I was minding my own business mind you. And...


I felt something in the air, and...


Something touched my hair, and...


Touching down on my neck, and...


My energy is draining. I'm feeling kind of sleepy now. I was bitten by a Tse-tse fly.


Oh! come on Spunk. That was a mosquito not a tse-tse fly, and it didn't bite you. I think you've been listening to too much Wall of Voodoo.

Peachy Keen

August 12, 2018  •  12 Comments

I didn't have time to prune the fruit trees back in February. As it turned out, 2018 is the first year in the past 12 years that we did not get late killer frosts. So guess what? Correct! Our fruit trees have fruit. Lots and lots of fruit. Our 5 in 1 plum tree we planted in 2000 gave us plums for the first time this year, and the peach tree is prolific — between bending branches and all the wind falls it seems like we have peaches everywhere. I spent most of the day peeling peaches, layering them with sugar in containers and freezing them. 



Sliced layer of peaches ready for sugar.


Egg cartons work well for holding fruit.


The production area.

Inside the Castle

August 11, 2018  •  8 Comments

A lot of photos of the interior with views from the interior of Vincennes Castle on the eastern edge of Paris, France.










































August 10, 2018  •  8 Comments

The Natural History Museum in Paris had a special exhibit with a skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex that they were making a big deal about. The complete skeleton was assembled in a running posture in a dark, narrow room, with a "selfie" skull projected on the floor where people were supposed to stand or kneel to take selfies with T-Rex.


View in front of the "selfie" spot.




The room was so narrow that it was difficult to get a side view of T-Rex even doing a panorama with a 17mm super-wide angle lens.



The room was was joined by two corridors on the tail end of T-Rex. This shot shows how narrow the room is.


On the way out from T-Rex, they had games the kids were playing. In this one, dinosaurs imitated whatever motion a person in the circle did. 


In this display, the kid on the bike is chasing T-Rex on the screen in front of the bike, while being chased by T-Rex on the screen behind the bike.


Sunset 'n Cats

August 09, 2018  •  10 Comments

Spunk: "Oh brother! Not another series of the stupid sunset photos! Don't you have , you know, like cute cat photos?"



How about you looking pathetic, begging to be let in?



            Or Loki doing his bat imitation?



Silver in the middle of rolling around in a box?



How about Sasha looking silly on the file cabinet?

Them Bones

August 08, 2018  •  8 Comments

Lots of bones in the Natural History Museum in Paris.








Love this guy.




Views from the second story balcony.








I believe this is a brontosaurus, but it could be a brachiosaurus.


Whoo's There?

August 07, 2018  •  8 Comments

"Who who whoo goes there?"


"Hey New Owl it's me!"     "Whoo are you? I don't believe I know you."


"Oh New Owl. Don't you remember me?"        "Hmmph! I can't say I've seen you before!"


"Oh come on! You know. The pesky paparazzo."        "Did you say paparazzo? The pesky guy with the long white beak who clicks a lot?"


"That's Meee!"     "Oh! Pesky Paparazzo. Is that really you? Where have you been?"


"I've been to Paris to visit the Louvre..."       "It's about time you came back. It's been pretty boring around the bosque."

Fire in the Sky

August 06, 2018  •  16 Comments

A Different Sunset

August 05, 2018  •  10 Comments


The first time in almost a week that we were able to go out for a walk at sunset without thunderstorms threatening to drench us with heavy rain and pommel us with hail, we got to see a very different sunset.



A night heron streaked by at light speed.




August 04, 2018  •  8 Comments





Inside The Holy Chapel

August 03, 2018  •  6 Comments


The write up on The Holy Chapel in the brochure about the Vincennes Castle reads "Founded by Charles V in 1379, the chapel is modeled on the Sainte-Chapelle* of the Palais de la Cité in Paris, though it has only one floor, with oratories reserved for the queen on the right and the king on the left, and to the north east a building containing a sacristy and treasure room.

The work initiated during the reign of Charles V was continued under Charles VI and completed long afterwards under Henry II (1547-1559)."

*"Sainte-Chapelle: royal chapel built by Saint Louis to house the the relics of Christ's Passion (the Crown of Thorns, a fragment of the Holy Cross, the sponge and the spear)." 

You can see my photos of Sainte-Chapelle from when we were in Paris in 2013 at: https://photoofthedayetc.wordpress.com/2013/06/05/france-day-24-marie-antoinette/






Tomb of Louis Antoine Henri de Bourbon Condé, Duke of Enghien.















August 02, 2018  •  8 Comments

Paris, July 2018

Wild Wild Skies

August 01, 2018  •  10 Comments


When I started my walk yesterday afternoon, before I ran into the Mr. pT on the ditch bank, there were thunderheads over the Sandias. Before I went back to the house after following Mr pT around for an hour or so, I stopped by Beaver Point and the large thunderheads had dissipated into a series of smaller thunder heads under a thin layer of clouds. About 7:50 pm, when we would normally go out to the river to watch the sunset, billowing cotton ball clouds were rolling in, followed by dark clouds, followed by lightning and thunder, followed by heavy rain. The thunderstorm became very intense about 8:45 pm, and after a series of lighting strikes all arounds us our lights flickered off and on and finally went out. We used flashlights to finish our nightly routines, read a little bit, and then got ready for bed. Power was restored an hour and a half later at 10:20 pm.