Bottle of Wine Socks are Divine

August 22, 2017  •  14 Comments

Wine and socks I won in a raffle


I went to a Network After Work meet and great after work this evening. Since it was at the Apothecary Lounge on the roof of the old infirmary turned Hotel Parq Central at I-25 (about a mile from the office), I walked up to the event and back.  I met various people, and dropped a card into the raffle basket. Lucky me! My card was drawn for one of the baskets of wine and socks. On the walk back to the office, after sunset, I took a series of architecture along Old Route 66 in the twilight. As I walked along Central on my way downtown, more than one street person commented on the nice bottle of wine I was carrying. While none of them asked directly, I could tell they were hoping I might donate it to their cause.

When I got back to the office, I photographed CSR's and ARC's lighted signs without lights on inside the office. I installed ARC's sign back around March, but I hadn't been at the office when it's dark until tonight. CSR installed their sign last week.


Sunset behind the downtown skyline taken from the rooftop of the Hotel Parq Central


Tattooed building


Classic old duplex


The new Lobo Rainforest student housing on Broadway and Central


CSR's new lighted sign


ARC's lighted sign looking through the front door.



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Hi Julie. I didn't mean to scare you away!
OK I've changed my mind about the door ;)
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Hi Julie. I would be afraid of who or what might answer the door.
Oh well done you winning that raffle! I never win anything .. lol. Tim I just love that liquid sunset shot, so dreamy. I said wow, when I saw the duplex shot. Love the glow of the light. Wish I was there, I would knock on the door ... :)
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Thanks, Juanita!
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