Didn't Get The Memo

March 01, 2018  •  10 Comments

A lot of changes seem to happen close together. After the Park-It Place decided to raise monthly parking fees by 44% for Lot 16 where I parked for several years now, the City's parking garage at 2nd and Gold is the same monthly rate that I was paying for Lot 16. However, the City's parking garage at 2nd and Gold is the same parking garage that I was banned for life (BFL) back in  January 2016, and the Mayor never gave me the pardon I requested. Apparently, the parking department didn't get the BFL memo on me, because I went to the parking permit department and they sold me a parking permit. I'm now a BFL in possession of a parking permit.

Silver had a run-in with Pepé Le Pew, so now he sleeps alone on the countertop of stinkin' dreams.


Speaking of foul, the spark plugs I changed in February 2016 with the help of Rosencrantz needed to be changed. Without Rosencrantz to help out, I had the dealer change the plugs.


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Thanks, Julie!
Oh good! I’m so pleased that you got that you got that parking permit! Love the pic of Silver .. having a serious snooze :)
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Thanks, Christine.
Christine E. Robinson(non-registered)
Tim, your posts on the kitties always makes me smile! Happy Sunday. Christine
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Thanks, Jet. He can be a funny kitty.
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