The Drama Queen

June 05, 2017  •  17 Comments

At first she didn't seem to mind the camera — S and circle pose


While out on my walk on the river, I came across a little Western Hognose snake. She was about 16 inches long and wanted to get away, but I kept pulling her back and making her pose — being somewhat of a fashion queen she got into several great poses for me. However, she finally got fed up with me not letting her get away, and went into her drama queen, throes of death, you killed me act by rolling over on her back, opening her mouth and letting her tongue hang over to the side. She was really trying her best to make me feel bad about make her pose for the camera.


A close up of her head shows the beak on her nose that gives them the name "Hognose" snakes


Another lovely pose with her tongue out


She got fed up and started to curl up tightly


She flipped over in the throes of death — killed by the pesky paparazzo shooting her with his camera.


She rolled over once, dragged her tongue on the ground so it had sand on it to be even more convincing.


She rolled upright looked around to see what the paparazzo was doing.


She finally decided I wasn't a predator, and started crawling toward the edge of the ditch bank.


Another view of her crawling off to safety from the pesky paparazzo.



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Thanks, Julie. Hognose are mildly venomous, but considered harmless to humans. You can see one of her fangs in the back of her mouth in the second photo with her mouth open.
Hey Tim .. your game! are they poisonous? I suspect I would have been running in the other direction :)
T & L Photos
Hi Harry. I know of the European viper. I saw a couple of different snakes in Spain and one snake in central Italy, but I don't know what they were. Our daughter caught a small asp while working on a dig in Israel.
No, there is one common species ( adder ) living on the heath but I have never seen a snake in Holland :-)
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