Baby Flyer

June 06, 2017  •  12 Comments

I saw this juvenile Great Horned Owl moving around before he saw me, so I was able to get pretty close to him before he flew.


He flew over to a cottonwood with a broken branch.


He watched me as I walked up closer to where he was perched.


Once I got close enough, he eyed a new spot to fly to.


From his new spot deeper in the bosque, he looked back at me with a "Don't you ever give up dude?" look.


This shot was taken right before he flew off into the trees where I couldn't see him.


This shot is for reference, as this is how dark it was, and what I could see with my naked eye and through the viewfinder. I set the camera so the recorded images are much lighter and more detailed than you see here, and then I process them and crop them in Camera raw to get the exposure, color and detail to look as good as I can get it to look given the limitations of ISO 3200 under very low light conditions.


The sunset from yesterday evening.


The sunset tonight.


T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie!
Beautiful owl .. how I would love to photograph one. And those sunsets Tim are absolutely stunning ..:D
T & L Photos
Thanks, Juanita!
Juanita Ortega(non-registered)
Great photos of the owl Tim. Persistence is a virtue. Thanks for describing how you adjust them.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Christine. He was giving me all kinds of evil eyes for pestering him. As I mentioned to Mia on WP, I have to make a choice between the sunset on the west or the pink mountains and clouds to the east. I don't have a place where I can stand and see both.
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