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People who have been flying off the handle over Trump are sissies compared to Lobo Louie, who flew into a rage after he heard we are having to break out more of the floor in the library and dig up the sewer line again. His reaction was to go medieval on the first person who walked by his shelf, jumping on him and biting him on the neck, bringing him down in the library near the newly poured concrete covering the hole in the floor from when we dug up the floor only a week ago. It's not completely clear why Lobo Louie lost it and went looney over breaking up the floor and digging out the sewer line again, but he kept mumbling about having a bad hair day and not taking that stinking noise, stinking dust and stinking stink after he was pulled of the neck of his unsuspecting victim. Lobo Louie was booked, mug shot and then arraigned by Lobo Lucy and his alter ego Lobo Louie the head bobber and charged with assault with teeth, tongue and bad hair. Bail was set at $1. If convicted he will be sentenced to the office with the sewer smell until we figure out the source and get it fixed.


Taken down for the count by Lobo Louie




Arraignment by Lobo Lucy and Lobo Louie the head bobber 


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Thanks, Julie!
Oh no not the sewer again! Good luck .. poor Lobo Louie!
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Hi David. Lobo Louie is out of control. Although, UNM is has other worries that are more pressing than Louie's craziness and mediaeval behavior in our office.
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Hi Lavinia! The City's Water Authority has an H2S sniffer, but it can only tell you the presence of H2S in the general area of the smell. Smoke tests work the best, but we have to have clear lines before we can get a good smoke test.
Lobo Louie needs to be careful since he's wearing UNM colors. They may end up taking "executive action" against him, lol. :)
Also, sounds like you have a new mystery - "The Case of the Reappearing Clog".
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