Old Film and a Macro Lens

September 28, 2016  •  10 Comments


"Develop before 10/2004" is printed on the box of Kodak Max 400 film I used to create these images. There is probably a post processing effect to get the grainy, slightly foggy look in these photos if I had made them with a digital camera, but all I did was use old, outdated film in a 35mm camera with a macro lens.








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Thanks, Julie!
What an interesting effect and great use of out dated film!
T & L Photos
Thanks, David. Film has a lot of real great aspects and flexibility that you really can't get with digital post processing.
Very, very cool.

This is what I like about film. Let it get old a bit and you get some cool textures, sometimes unusual banding, etc. - things you'll be hard pressed to reproduce in post-processing with Photoshop and other photo editing programs. Even better, waiting to get back your prints from the developer. :)
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Thanks, Harry!
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