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T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie!
Hey Tim .. Wonderful images ..I love fishing, I find it so relaxing
Tim, glad you married a girl who knows how to do things, LOL. :)

My Laurie is a "reformed" tomboy. She'll certainly get along with your Laurie very well. :)
T & L Photos
Hi David! My dad and sister were really into fishing. I just never got into it. The last fishing expedition I did with Laurie (before we were married), and a couple of friends turned into quite an adventure. Laurie ended up towing a stranded cabin cruiser from the middle of the lake into shore, rowing our John boat with the cabin cruiser tied to it (Laurie knew how to row a boat, we guys were pretty clueless when it came to rowing). So we guys just laid back with our lines in the water, and chatted with the owners of the very large boat, its bow towering above us, while Laurie towed it to shore. Then we went out and got stranded on some private property between pueblo lands. This was long before cell phones, so we had to walk to a house on the pueblo and pay the resident a dollar to call my friend's dad to come and tow us home. Out of our 12 hour adventure we caught one or two perch we threw back and I caught a very large bull snake.
Fishing gear heaven! A couple of Zebco reels, looks like fly-fishing reels there.

Not a fisherman, but you didn't fish at all? It's the best way to relax away a day with a fast lunch put together at 4:00am, lots of snacks, and soda.
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