Black Cats & Photo Mags

September 27, 2016  •  14 Comments

I found four photo mags at Barnes & Nobles that looked worthy — a French magazine called Photo, Black+White Photography from the UK, Black & White and Shutterbug.  Rosencrantz and Lola approved of my selection of photo mags.  The four coasters on the wall are a fun processing of Spunk by Susan Graham from photos she did with her iPhone when Spunk was on her lap. We really liked the images, but since she used her iPhone, the files were not big enough to make quality larger prints, but they were perfect for coasters.


T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie!
I'm pleased they approved!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Susan! Sometimes just sitting down with a magazine instead of staring at a computer screen is a nice thing to do.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Harry!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Herman. I am remiss in the cat mags.
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