From Blue to Bald

June 21, 2016  •  14 Comments

Hey Spunk! What do you think?


I have now joined the rank of my favorite local celebrity "The Hoff", co-anchor on the "Erica Viking and The Hoff" morning show on KIOT 102.5 FM. I get a lot of entertainment on my commute to work from the morning show. The Hoff and I have also crossed paths at a few events I photographed and while they were doing remote shows — The Hoff was part of the fashion show at Gears and Glamour

One of my favorite Italian celebrities is J-AX, and I got the idea of tattooing my head while I'm bald from J-AX. Check out his music video J-AX feat. IL CILE - MARIA SALVADOR (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


Look Spunk no hair


Like what happened dude?


What do you think of this tattoo?


You're killing man!


How about a smoking kitty?


Please STOP!



You my friend look great without hair! You might scare people with those tattoos though
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Thanks, Beth! That's an idea to think about.
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Thanks, Juanita! Najar is the kitty that is having the most trouble with my bald head. She just doesn't understand how we humans can have so little hair to begin with and then I lose the rest of it.
New look is interesting. Spunk looks puzzled. You must be driving him crazy!
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Thanks, Herman! Maybe a tat would get me playing guitar again!
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