Photographic Maneuvers in the Dark

June 22, 2016  •  5 Comments

Horse riding by in very low light


I finished my second round of intensive chemo today which only took three days instead of four, because they were able to double up on some of the treatments and push them through much more quickly since I didn't react to any of the drugs they gave me. At the end of the treatment, the nurse attached a Neulasta® delivery system to my stomach that will inject the drug tomorrow afternoon 27 hours after the chemo was finished. Nuelasta® is a long-term immune system enhancer that will make my bones create extra white blood cells over the next 14 days to help keep my counts up.  I will have another PET scan on the 8th of July and then go in on the 11th to see the results. If I'm in remission on the 11th we'll start the process to harvest stem cells, if not, I will have to do another round of chemo like I did this week. We're looking forward to remission, though.


Well after sunset you can see the insects the hummingbird is eating.


A beetle scurrying along in the time between dusk and dark.



Hey Tim .. Everything is crossed! Hope you are feeling ok my friend .. Julie
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Thanks, Harry!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Susan!
Wishing you good progress and good health for the coming weeks ( and months and years too ;-)
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We're looking forward to remission at teh next check!!
I *love* the horse image! It's beautiful.
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