Strawberry Honey Moon

June 20, 2016  •  14 Comments

Strawberry Moon rising over the Sandias and reflecting on the Rio Grande


A Strawberry Moon is full moon on Solstice, a rare event that happened today, June 20, 2016. A Honey Moon is a full moon on the longest day there is a full moon, which happens in June, rarely on Solstice but more often on a Friday the 13th in June.

I started my second round of chemo today, and after I got home I noticed my face felt like it had a thousand little spiders crawling on it. When I felt for the spiders, I realized crawling feeling was associated with my beard, and if I pulled on my beard, the hair would simply come out. I shaved off my beard, but the razor didn't cut the hair, it pulled it out, which made for weird shaving, and I ended up with a very close shave, and soft, smooth face.  My blue hair is starting to come out as well.

The new schedule for chemo is to finish this week, get a PET scan the week of July 4th to see if I'm in remission. If I am they will start the process to harvest stem cells, if not, I do another round of chemo starting the July 11th. The process to harvest stem cells is to get a catheter with stem cell collector installed in my chest. Get 5 days of Neupogen® shots to stimulate the bone marrow, and collect almost all of my stem cells, which is really the same volume of my stem cells. They will freeze my stem cells the preserve them while I continue the process.  

After recovering for a couple of weeks, I'll be admitted into the hospital, have another round of intensive chemo to kill my bone marrow, and then have them replace dead bone marrow with the stem cells they took a few weeks before. I will be in the hospital two or three weeks, depending on how I react to the treatment. I'm calculating the stem cell replacement will be about six weeks from start to finish.


The glow


The tip of the Strawberry Moon


Strawberry Moon rising


Strawberry Moon


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Thanks, Julie!
Tim, I'm with Herman. Your images keep on surprising me .. You my friend are very clever. Thinking of you and that beard ..hugs
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Hi Nina. Remember the moon is reflecting sunlight so it has to be exposed with daylight settings, using manual mode. The moon was most orange when it rose, and got lighter and lighter until it became a normal sliver full moon.
I love the pictures! How did you get the different orange shades? I knew the moon looked a little yellowish/orange but on camera it always showed up white.
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Thanks Susan! That would be nice.
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