Dragonflies — Happiness, Change and New Beginnings

June 09, 2016  •  20 Comments

Dragonflies are so much fun and so happy all the time, that it makes me happy to see them. No wonder they are a symbol of happiness, change and new beginnings.

I got through day four of the first round of chemo. They pumped the stuff in at a good rate today as I was out of the Cancer Center at 3:00 pm, which was especially nice because we missed rush hour traffic on the way home today.  So far no real bad side effects as I follow all their guidelines to the letter. I will go in first thing Monday morning for labs, and we expect my immune system will be taking a hit after the chemo really kicks in, and I'll probably have to get a Nuepogen® shot to boost my immune system.  For the next three days I'm loose in the world to see how I react to the 4 days of intense chemo.










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Thanks, Julie!
So pleased no bad side effects so far. Love your dragonflies
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Exquisite dragonflies! Best of luck with your chemo!
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Thanks, Juanita!
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