Feeling Kinda Spunky Now

June 08, 2016  •  22 Comments


One of the short-term benefits of treatment is they add steroids as part of the regimen, so they give me a little more energy, kinda of like Spunk in these photos.  They got the infusion down to six and a half hours today, which is much better than the eight hours they were predicting. So far no bad side effects other than lots and lots of trips to the bathroom. Before going out for my evening walk, I've racked up 4000 steps (mostly going back and forth to the bathroom) — not bad for sitting in a recliner most of the day.  The Internet connection was really slow at the Cancer Center today, so I kept losing my connection to the server, then the Internet service went out all together.  Therefore, I only got in 3 hours of work in out of the 7 hours I was at the Cancer Center today.



What it takes to get us through the day.


Between Laurie and I, we spread out. Laurie got this photo while I was working.


When I look up to my right I see bags of meds.


Bags of meds and drip regulators.


Sunset while on a walk last night.


Contentious sky







We actually got some heavy rain out of this storm about 9:00 pm the other night


T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie!
Cats and clouds perfect! Get well Tim ..hugs
T & L Photos
Thanks, Bruce!
Love those sky shots
T & L Photos
Hi Teagan! Those cloud-scapes are calling you back to the southwest!
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