I'm Blue

June 10, 2016  •  18 Comments


Tristan and Jamie have been pestering me for months to let them dye my hair blue. Since my hair will surely fall out from the chemo, I agreed to let them dye it blue. It doesn't look too bad, as you can see from the selfies I did in different states of blueness. Check out Eiffel 65 Blue video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68ugkg9RePc

After Tristan and Jaimie finished making me blue, I had to go out and get cat food, I ran through the grocery store to pick up a few things, and then I stopped by the post office and got mail. Most mail these days are statements of benefits and bills from medical providers. With all the different providers, I noticed the insurance is having a hard time keeping everything straight according to my bookkeeping. I noticed the last big bill I paid put me over what is supposed to be the max I pay out-of-pocket. But then I got another huge bill in the mail today that would now put my out-of-pocket almost $4k over the max. I spent a lot of time on the phone trying to get my accounting and the insurance's accounting to match, but we were not able to reconcile our accounts, and the insurance agent said he showed no record of then bill I was holding in my hand as a claim. The agent finally told me the provider must have billed me directly and I needed to call the provider. The person I had on the phone had no idea who I needed to call, so I told him I'd figure it out, hung up, and found another number to try.  I finally got to a person who seemed vaguely familiar with the large bill I was holding in my hand, and after several "hold on a minutes" she came back and told me it looked like I was right, I'd already over paid my out-of-pocket and that I should get a refund. A Refund? Now that's more like it!


Spunky chicken mohawk


Electric blue in the sunshine


Tin foil cap 



Still wet and wild



Prep for the second round of dye


Jamie, Tristan and me — three shades of blue




T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie!
Gorgeous .. Loving the blue!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Couriers!
Well done Tristan and Jamie! Love the look Tim. Annoying that you have to waste time putting the insurers to right but glad you came out on top this time.
T & L Photos
Thanks, David! I think, like Susan, you are on both sides of healthcare. And blue's not too bad. I had to pick up some stuff and Walmart and got lots of complements from the Walmart staff.
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