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November 16, 2018  •  10 Comments


Seedpods (sPods) from the trumpet vines hang down over the path to the front door. The path is rather long, and the sPods bang against my head as I walk to and fro, which is quite annoying; however, I leave the sPods hanging to bang against my head as I walk under them because now that it's cold outside they are drying up, splitting open, and the birds flit and frolic about in the tangle of vines and eat the seeds inside the pods.







Once Upon A Wormhole

November 12, 2018  •  12 Comments

If you are familiar with relativity and/or paranormal phenomena, then you might know something about wormholes. Among the theories about wormholes, there has been speculation that wormholes could be used as shortcuts to cross through the time-space continuum, making short work of long journeys across the universe. Of course, attempting to slip through wormholes to make intergalactic jaunts could be fraught with danger — the wormhole might suddenly collapse, moving through high levels of radioactivity, encounters with exotic matter, colliding with aliens slipping the opposite direction through the same wormhole, wormhole insurance is not available, and there is no precedents for litigation against careless aliens speed slipping through wormholes.

While much of the speculation about wormholes has been about using them as shortcuts for space travel, I’ve long suspected that wormholes exist on a more local level, especially on our property, where I have dropped tools and eyeglasses, watched them fall and disappear before my eyes, never to be found again. I believe they fell into wormholes and slipped into another time out of my sight. Those tools and eyeglasses may very well be lying in the same space where they fell, but the time shift makes them impossible for me to find them in the present.

Since I do a lot of photography in vey low light, especially with the time change, I believe I got a photo of a wormhole while trying to photograph an owl in the the dark. And that brings up more questions — did the owl somehow initiate the wormhole? Do owls know how to travel through wormholes? 


Quarter Moon on a Cloudy Night

November 11, 2018  •  6 Comments



Silly Silver

November 10, 2018  •  12 Comments

Silver is a silly kitty. He really gets the most out of hammocking. He also makes the best out of lying on the shelf waiting for a hammock to open up. You can see an animated gif of Silver hammocking at  https://photoofthedayetc.wordpress.com/2018/11/10/silly-silver/









Owl in Darkness Sliver Moon

November 08, 2018  •  10 Comments



Election Day

November 06, 2018  •  10 Comments

Cranes Lindy Hop

November 04, 2018  •  14 Comments

Inside Looking Out, Outside Looking In

November 02, 2018  •  8 Comments












October 31, 2018  •  12 Comments

We had stormy weather that started last night, and we are supposed to have freezing temperatures tonight. We've had light frost most mornings for the past week, so the cottonwoods are turning from yellow to brown. If we get a hard frost tonight, most of the trees will turn brown over the next few days.

Zenfolio has been having various technical issues the past few weeks, which included an issue that made it so no one could comment for several days. It looks like the problem with comments has been solved, but issues remain which make posting problematic and irritating. 






October 25, 2018  •  2 Comments


Murals along the Canal in the 19th Arrondissement, Paris, France.










October 24, 2018  •  12 Comments


Bells in Notre Dame's southwest bell tower.





Lok & Lol Unplugged

October 23, 2018  •  8 Comments

Loki and Lola unplugged

Flew Into A Burning Ring Of Fire

October 22, 2018  •  14 Comments





Bosque in Daylight

October 21, 2018  •  8 Comments

We went out for a walk in the bosque this afternoon. Today you can see the colors in daylight.




Lavender Edged

October 20, 2018  •  4 Comments