Sunset 'n Cats

August 09, 2018  •  12 Comments

Spunk: "Oh brother! Not another series of the stupid sunset photos! Don't you have , you know, like cute cat photos?"



How about you looking pathetic, begging to be let in?



            Or Loki doing his bat imitation?



Silver in the middle of rolling around in a box?



How about Sasha looking silly on the file cabinet?


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Hi Lavinia. I always wonder how we end up with such weird animals. But maybe it has more to do with us being weird, and whatever animals we have follow suit.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
Blue must be watching and learning from the cats. :-)
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Hi Lavinia. Blue is very well. I fed her on Saturday. She's a big basic snake, but she drives me crazy when I feed her because she plays with her food. I give her warmed up pre-killed rats. She strikes them, constricts them, the whole drama of what she would go through with a live rat. But then she drags the rat around in her feeding box, nudges it, stares at it and then does it a few more times before eating it. If she had room, I think she would throw the rat in the air and catch it again if she had room. It's just not normal snake-like behavior.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
Your entire cat crew is adorable. Your Spunk reminds me so much of a short-haired version of our own Lucio cat. Loki has some nice pearly white teeth! That is a great photo. Sasha and Silver are very sweet.

How is Blue doing?

Keep those sunset, Sandia and bosque photos coming, too. :-)
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Hi David. It take plenty of cute cat photos. I just do post most of them.
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