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The Natural History Museum in Paris had a special exhibit with a skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex that they were making a big deal about. The complete skeleton was assembled in a running posture in a dark, narrow room, with a "selfie" skull projected on the floor where people were supposed to stand or kneel to take selfies with T-Rex.


View in front of the "selfie" spot.




The room was so narrow that it was difficult to get a side view of T-Rex even doing a panorama with a 17mm super-wide angle lens.



The room was was joined by two corridors on the tail end of T-Rex. This shot shows how narrow the room is.


On the way out from T-Rex, they had games the kids were playing. In this one, dinosaurs imitated whatever motion a person in the circle did. 


In this display, the kid on the bike is chasing T-Rex on the screen in front of the bike, while being chased by T-Rex on the screen behind the bike.



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Hi Lavinia. They were up on the latest things in their prehistoric displays.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
That is a magnificent specimen, Tim. The selfie pad is a nice touch the museum added.
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Thanks, Christine. It is a very cool museum.
Christine E. Robinson(non-registered)
Tim, this is very cool. What a great museum for kids and adults! Christine
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Thanks, Michelle. There were a lot of kid friendly things everywhere we went in Paris. That was really nice to see. We are all doing well.
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