No April Showers, Still Have May Flowers

May 01, 2018  •  13 Comments

Double Delight


We got zero measurable precipitation in April; however, today, May 1st, we have a lot more roses and flowers blooming than we usually do this time of year. I was able to start watering using the drip system for the few hours the hoses would thaw in the afternoons on weekends in late January. I steadily increased the time on the drip systems every weekend as it got warmer. We were still getting frost every night until about two weeks ago, but without the frosty nights extending through April into May like it has done in years past, many of the roses and flowers decided it's safe to bloom early this year. I also irrigated at the end of March and the end of April, so the plants are happy despite the super dry conditions.


Multi-colored Iris






Baby Blanket




Bronze Iris


Purple Iris




Yellow & White Iris


Fragrant Memory


Light Yellow Iris


Abraham Darby


A tangle of wisteria


Blue Iris


Betty Boop


White & Purple Iris


Pink Iceberg


Sensation Lilac


Double Delight


T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie!
Hey Tim .. your garden is alive with gorgeous colours and cheer! What a stunning collection you have
Oh wow thanks for letting me know Timothy! I just took a peak at the website about the conference and it does look very interesting! I'll read more about it for sure!
T & L Photos
Hi Ms Shaaz. We had frost the other morning so some of the roses and flowers have frost damage. Certainly confuses the plants. Speaking of Plants, there's a conference in Toronto next week, May 15th & 16th, that looks interesting. It's called "Grey to Green Conference — Green Infrastructure: Jobs, Health & Community Resilience".
Beautiful shots as usual... We had an Ice Storm here in Toronto 2 weeks ago. Today I'm wearing a dress...All the flowers and leafs are confused...
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