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Collage of silhouettes of bat flying under the almost full moon.


The bats were out last night flying around while we were walking on the levee. Bats are fast and erratic and they come out after sundown, so I rarely get clear shots of them. Last night the moon was almost full, and the clouds made a bright background that I was able get some fairly clear silhouettes of the bats.



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Thanks, Julie. We eat garlic to ward off the mosquitoes — I guess they are vampires of sorts.
Wow Tim what a shot! Need some garlic? Whoops that’s vampire isn’t it
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Hi David. Were they trying to fill in the cave for safety reasons or to get rid of the bats? Corrales has bat houses around to attract bats.
Nice catch of the bats. A flock of bats live near my sister's house. The bats have a cave in a drainage culvert. The city of Colorado Springs tried to fill in the cave with concrete; they even rebuilt part of the street above the cave and fill from above. Both efforts failed - apparently the bat cave is huge.
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Thanks, Harry!
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