Cat O' Blinds Tale

February 25, 2018  •  14 Comments

While I was waiting for my new, used Macbook Pro to come in, I cleaned up a lot of dead foliage out of the wisteria and trumpet vines growing on the sides of the house. There was a large tangle of vines that mostly covered the east facing bedroom window. After years of use and cats crashing through them, the mini-blinds we had on that window were unusable, so I had removed them quite some time ago. With the covering of vines gone, the sunrise shines directly on our pillows this time of year. After waking up to a blinding sun Saturday morning, I went directly to Lowe's, bought a set of vertical blinds and installed them on the window. I figured vertical blinds would be much more cat friendly than mini-blinds, and Najar demonstrated just how kitty friendly the new blinds are.








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Thanks, Julie!
So handsome .. and such big eyes. Lovely images Tim
T & L Photos
Let's hope they bloom.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
We got our trumpet vines at the local Bi-Mart store. They look like they were probably started from cuttings. We'll see what they do this year. I would love to see at least a few blooms.
Back from tech limbo-land. :)
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