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Seedpods (sPods) from the trumpet vines hang down over the path to the front door. The path is rather long, and the sPods bang against my head as I walk to and fro, which is quite annoying; however, I leave the sPods hanging to bang against my head as I walk under them because now that it's cold outside they are drying up, splitting open, and the birds flit and frolic about in the tangle of vines and eat the seeds inside the pods.








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Thanks, Michelle!
I love the little yellow one turning upside down :D
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Hi Lavinia. A lot of the bees and hummingbirds I photograph are feeding on the trumpet flowers. Our kitty Stretch, who passed in 2013, started killing trumpet flowers and bringing them into the house after I told him to stop bringing lizards and birds into the house. Stretch was a Manx and a very smart kitty.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
Those trumpet vines of yours must be lovely in bloom.
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Thanks, Lynn. I like that one too. The bird has a thoughtful look.
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