Christ Rises Again

October 12, 2018  •  10 Comments

The morning began with the earth shaking. Then...


Christ rose from the crowd.






While most of the regular balloons lifted off to compete in the day's ring toss and bean bag drop competition, many of the special shape balloons inflated but did not take off.



The cow balloon inflated.


Then they took it down and inflated a normal shaped cow balloon for the competition, I assume.


Rolling up the cow while the cow prepares for lift off.



This gangly green thing that spilled out into the road turned out to be a frog.





Doughboy, Frog, Pirate and Tom and Jerry.



A monumental Big Red Dog.






"Arizona, take off your rainbow shades" Mark Lindsay








The competition was to fly to the field or navigate back to the field and either toss a ring over a pole or drop a bean bag on an X.


The Albuquerque Police Department's horses were very popular.



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Hi David. I haven't seen the Energizer Bunny at the AIBF for quite a while.
One in the shape of "Christ The Redeemer", that's certainly different. One could say if you can't see the real one in Rio, maybe the balloon version would suffice.

I must say the balloon fest in ABQ gets many more different shapes and designs than the one here. The different shaped balloons do have a high demand when it comes to the many balloon fests around the world. The Energizer bunny, for example, only does five festivals a year though they receive around 100 invitations a year.
T & L Photos
Hi Juanita. It was really nice to have all the special shapes just hanging out on the field.
T & L Photos
Hi Susan. I've been trying to get out as many mornings as I can.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Lavinia. Getting up at 3:00 am to get on the field is early.
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