A Great Pumpkin Fest

October 13, 2018  •  12 Comments


While there happens to be an extra million people in Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta, Wagner's Farms is having their annual Apple & Pumpkin Festival. There were lots of people lined up for hay rides to the orchard just north of our property to pick apples. In the field on Dixon Road, behind the farm store, they had a pumpkin patch. At the farm store they had lots and lots of pumpkins, hot dogs and hamburgers, red chile ristras, green chile roasting and a band named Severo y Grupo Fuego was playing.  Laurie and I walked up to the Festival, Laurie got a caramel apple, and then we listened to a few songs before walking back home.


On our way to Wagner's, we stopped to get a photo of Laurie with our cattle ramp. Not everyone owns their own heirloom cattle ramp.


People on there way to the orchard to pick apples.




The pumpkin patch.







Red Chile Ristras


Roasting green chiles




Severo y Grupo Fuego


SEVERO MARTINEZ (lead vocals), ADRIAN MEDINA (keyboard) LENNY ROMERO (drums), CAMERON BOURG (bass) and ALBERT (ALBIE) TAFOYA (guitar)











Severo Grupo Fuego has a good sound. They played "La Cumbia Del Sapito" an old favorite of ours. Above is a video clip of them playing "La Cumbia Del Sapito".


"Un paso pa delante"


"y otro paraatras"


Bad parking starts with infancy.




T & L Photos
Hi Harry. Happy you learned a new word.
T & L Photos
Hi Lavinia. Yes, we get our Big Jim green chiles from Wagner's.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Christine. It's fun, especially for people who live in the city and a lot of the people who are from out of town for the balloon fiesta.
T & L Photos
Hi David. They still had lots of chile to be roasted.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Gerald.
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