Gone to the Gold

August 18, 2017  •  14 Comments


In the deep recesses of my simple mind, vague memories of a commercial for hair color said “Only your hair dresser knows for sure!” Or something to that extent, being it was probably fifty years ago that commercial aired. Half a century later, millennials have said “hasta la vista, auf Wiedersehen” to hair color “au naturale” for fifty shades of radiant mane coifed to perfection. 

Laurie has gone to the gold with all rose gold on her glasses, phone, nails and hair. Her hair is now a stunning display of shiny strands that shimmer with movement, showing off layers of radiant, rosy pinks that glow softy like a golden sea of hair at sunset. 

Jina is the stylist who artistically transformed Laurie’s hair into a vibrant display of rosy golds. If you live in the Albuquerque area and you want to do something special or new with your hair you can call Jina at 505-319-7026.

















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Thanks, Julie!
Oh I love Laurie's hair Tim .. wow, the shine and swing is gorgeous! Go girl ... (great shots btw) :)
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Thanks, Inese!
So very beautiful!
T & L Photos
Thanks, David!
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