Stormy Monday

May 29, 2017  •  20 Comments

Memorial Day


I walked out to the Rio Grande a 14:25. The weather was partly cloudy and about 80º F.


Clouds were starting to build up in the western sky at 14:26


I walked south about a mile and then back to the Rio Grande at an hour later and the clouds were building up over the Sandias.


There were thick, dark clouds and thunder in the western sky at 15:20.


I got back to the house at 15:30 and it started raining hard at 15:39.


The wind blew hard, bending the bamboo over.


The storm blew over, the skies started clearing by 17:30, and we had grilled steak, potatoes and asparagus to celebrate our 35th Anniversary and Memorial day at 18:15.


The clouds were really breaking up by 17:24 and the temperature had dropped to 60º F.


We went out for a walk after dinner and the wind had broken a huge branch of the neighbor's cottonwood tree.


About 30 minutes before sunset the western sky was almost clear.


At 18:16, about 5 minutes after sunset, only a few clouds floated over the Sandias, there was no wind and the, and the temperature was cool.


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Thanks, Julie!
Happy anniversary! How wonderful .. these pics are super! And that meal looks delicious .. That looks like Rosencrantz ..handsome
T & L Photos
Thanks, Michelle. Rosencrantz like to be involved in anything we do on the deck.
I love that you shared you cat and dinner in the middle. Love those clouds
T & L Photos
Thanks, Gerry!
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