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May 02, 2017  •  12 Comments


Sasha thinks there's nothing like snorting and rolling around on the floor with a stinky pair of socks to help her unwind after a rough day of trying to keep a house full of unruly cats in line. 






Hey! Get your own stinky sock! Loki!


That's better!



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Thanks, Julie!
Nothing like rolling around on the floor with a pair of socks
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Hi Susan. Sasha can be playful, but she can also be ornery. But I guess that's pretty standard cat behavior.
Susan Brandt Graham Photography
Sasha is such a beautiful cat! I love this series that shows her playful side as well. (Neither of my recent cats liked socks, but I had a dog who "stole" them, sometimes before I could get them completely off.)
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Thanks, TG!
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