Mayor Berry, Tear Down This Fountain

April 11, 2017  •  8 Comments

The fountain is behind the "Hard Hats Required..." sign.


How do you go about preparing to tear out a leaky old fountain so the city can replace it with a children's play area, bleachers and a large screen TV?  First you fence off the area you are going to demolish. Second you erect a forest of supports on the two parking levels under the area that is fenced off on the plaza so the heavy equipment your crew will be using to tear down the fountain doesn't crash through the ceilings of the two parking levels and end up 20 feet under the plaza.


Half of the fountain shows on the right side of the photo.


Fence and supports


A sweeping view of the supports behind the fence with the Construction Supervisor's desk and chair in the center.


More supports


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Thanks, Couriers!
T & L Photos
Hi Harry! Yes the supports are needed. The heavy equipment they will use for demolition is as the name suggests very heavy.
Goodness, careful what you kick off!
I am wondering about the underground support, is that really needed ?
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Hi Susan! At least you learn about what's going on downtown. As you know, I've only seen a hummingbird moth so far this year.
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