Silence of the Frogs

March 26, 2017  •  14 Comments


I stood on the bank
Called for the frogs
Frogs? Hey frogs are you there today?
The sun is shining, rays are warm
Can you all come out to play?
I stood, I listened oh for so long
All I heard was the silence of the frogs

I stood on the bank
Called to the turtles
Turtles? Hey Turtles are you out today? 
The sun is shining, flycatchers wait
Muskrats sit ready to play
I stood, I listened, the turtles are sleeping 
From back in winter still tucked away

A pterodactyl flew overhead
Looked prehistoric floating on the wind
Soared away toward the clouds
Then swooped so low it touched the ground
On the edge of the bank it landed
Stood straight and still 
Watching waiting without a sound

A pterodactyl stood on the bank
It called for the frogs
Frogs? Hey frogs where are you today?
The sun is shining, warm are its rays
I need a quick meal then I’ll be on my way
It stood, it listened, but not very long
It heard the silence of the frogs








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Thanks, Julie!
Wonderful images Tim, the last one is special. I hope the frogs aren't gone for good ..
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Thanks, Imelda! The frogs are there. Even though it's fairly warm, it's too early for them to be out, but I, along with the pterodactyl, were hoping they might be out early.
I hope the frogs are still there somewhere.

Nice poem though.
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Thanks, David! You have a point there.
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