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March 27, 2017  •  24 Comments

Najar: "Can't a lady get a little beauty sleep around here? Stupid paparazzo!"


Marble has no problem getting her beauty sleep.


Silver: "Who sez cats are shallow and one-demensional?"


Loki pondering some kind of trickery.


Spunk: "Yeah! Right! I'm supposed to look like those #%[email protected]&#$ coasters when I'm surrounded by cat-like vermin?"


Le long chat


Lola: "How's my Spunk look?"

Paparazzo: "Your head isn't tilted quite right."


Lola: "Is THAT Better?"

Paparazzo: "Almost perfect. Smile!"

Lola: "Stupid paparazzo."


Marble: "Ahhhh! Nothing like beauty sleep."


T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie. Spunk plays with the new kittens.
Love this post Tim! I'm jealous .. love all your new kitties! Spunk looks out of sorts .. how is he with the new kitties? Marble and Silver love stretching ..
T & L Photos
Thanks, Pepe!
So beautiful cats
T & L Photos
Hi David! The kitties have a big couch, big catio and our bed. They don't need no stinking California King bed.
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