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March 10, 2017  •  10 Comments



Seal the deal


Scene behind the screen or painted?





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Thanks, Harry. I don't know the guy on the bike was selling but the guy on the right was handing over cash.
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Hi Teagan! Steampunk looking it is. It's rare to see old glass insulators like that. They probably have some value among collectors. I would guess the only reason they haven't been stolen is they are about 30 feet up on the side of the building.
My favorite image is photo "Seal the deal" :-)
Teagan R Geneviene(non-registered)
Well now, this is an intriguing assortment for sure. I was about to ask about that Steampunk looking contraption on the brick wall, but I saw your comment exchange with Lavinia. Still remarkable though. Humph... electrical conduits/transformers? I should bookmark that one. It sends my ever twisting imagination to a different strange world.
I hope you and yours are all feeling happy and sassy, Tim. Mega hugs.
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Thanks, Susan!
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