Cold Cat Morning

March 07, 2017  •  17 Comments


When I got up this morning at 06:20, the temperature in the bedroom  was 52º F (11.1º C), and the outside temperature was 21º F (-6.1º C). I tucked Rosencrantz in before going off to do my morning routine of giving Spunk, Sasha and Najar their soft food, making coffee, and getting the birds up; but since Lola had lost her warm body (me), she moved over to Laurie who was still in bed with Diné. Laurie got up not long after I did, and since Lola still wanted a warm body to lay on, Rosencrantz, who was sleeping soundly, tucked in under those cosy covers, was Lola's best bet for a warm body. So Lola moved herself over and laid on top of Rosencrantz. Even though I had turned up to heat to 60º F (16.6º C) on the thermostat in the dance room, it was barely up to 55º F (12.8º C) in the bedroom when Laurie got up; therefore, Rosencrantz was not about to get out from under those warm, cosy covers, and simply looked up to see what the pesky paparazzo was taking pictures of when I was photographing the kitties in all their cuteness.  






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Thanks, Julie!
Hey Tim, oh they look so content, warm and comfy. Love those kitties
Love 'em
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Hi Lyn. Happy your got some kitty cheer first thing on moving day. Best of luck with your move.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Couriers.
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