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February 04, 2017  •  21 Comments


Tristan's friend asked her to take a motorcycle course with him a couple of weeks ago. Tristan took to motorcycles like she had grown up with them, but the truth is, I had stopped riding motorcycles long before she was born, and she had never sat on one before taking the class. I grew up on motorcycles, so her ability to pick up riding so quickly may just be hereditary or heretical depending on how one feels about motorcycles. I started riding when I was around 10 years old, and got a motorcycle license when I was 13, so I've had a motorcycle license for 45 years.

A few days after finishing her motorcycle course, she found a great deal on a BMW R 1200 R. She rode it out to the house late this afternoon giving me a chance to photograph it. The bike is beautiful, very quiet and smooth. The saddle bags make room to carry her purse, computer and extra clothing, plus she can lock her helmet in a saddle bag when she parks the bike.








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Hi Shannon. Harley's are great for women because of their low seat positions, not to mention the cool factor. I checked out your website — looks like a great resource.
Shannon Vaughn(non-registered)
Way to go! I love hearing about new ladies on the road! I ride a Harley Sportster 1200 Custom and love every minute of it.
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Thanks, Julie!
Oh what a bike! Sensational .. I doubt I would be able to get it off the stand let alone ride it!
My friend's bike is a bit below 800cc, and it does seem plenty powerful enough. The BMWs are really smooth accelerators and so its power hasn't been scary yet.
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