Cat Scan

February 01, 2017  •  18 Comments


I had a PET scan this morning for a three month check after the stem cell transplant.  A CAT scan was originally scheduled with the PET scan, but the nurse who gave me the radioactive injection told me my insurance denied the CAT scan. I told her that's because I get daily cat scans at home. She looked confused for a moment and then started laughing and asked how many cats I had. When I told her six, she thought that was plenty of cat scanning. I'll get the results of the PET scan tomorrow.




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Thanks, Julie!
Best of luck with the results Tim .. love your kitties! Wish hubby would let me have 6!
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Thanks, Sarah!
Sarah Vernon(non-registered)
Your cats are adorable! My fingers are crossed. x
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Hi Teagan! It's Kitty Power. That's for sure.
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