Perfect PET

February 02, 2017  •  18 Comments

Spunk with the coasters Susan Graham created. I had Spunk's coasters looking over me the whole time I was in the hospital.


The doctor said my PET scan was completely clear, with no questionable lymph nodes. This is really significant, because all prior PET scans over the past 7 years had questionable lymph nodes. In 2013 I had two biopsies of questionable lymph nodes that came out as inconclusive. And just a year ago there was no question about a relapse of lymphoma . To have a clear PET scan is a sign that the stem cell transplant was a complete success. I will have another PET scan in six months, and in April I will start getting all my childhood vaccinations. My white counts are still in the tank (I'll get a Neupogen shot tomorrow), but I've managed to stay healthy despite my stubborn immune system. The problem is I had to miss the indoor motocross this year, and now I'll have to miss the Super Nationals this weekend, so no motocross or cool car photos this year. 


All clear


Spunk and all the kitties did their jobs purrrfectly!


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Thanks, Julie!
Such fantastic news Tim .. yay! They did their job purrfectly. Wonderful coasters
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Thanks, Christine!
Christine Robinson(non-registered)
Wonderful PET Scan news, Tim! Those cats did a great job watching over you! Sorry, you'll miss fun events & photographs coming up! There's always the next! Good thoughts! Christine
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Thanks, Teagan. Spunk is a poser.
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