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With all of Laurie's family in town, Liz and Leah pulled out slides, a projector and a slide sorter, and we all gathered and partook in the retro-family-activity of sliding. We got through several boxes of slides from the 50's, 60's and 70's with much nostalgia for Laurie, her sisters and parents, and much amusement, with spots of hilarity, for husbands and the boys. All of us had great fun looking back at times gone by.




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Hi Divid. The simplicity of that old slide projector is really pretty nice. I have an old slide projector that uses straight cartridges that hold 50 slides each. I have a slide sorter identical to the one Liz was using. Those were pretty common, I guess. In the eighties and nineties we used slides for presentations all the time, so I built a light table into my desk at the office. The desk is still in use, but there is not much use for the light table anymore.
It must've been a fun night. A few of "can you imagine ..."

Also, looks like you have the same kind of slide projector like my dad's and same projector screen size. Before the digital age, I fancied the notion of having a Kodak Carousel slide projector. Now, not so much. But, if one is available at the right price (free or very low price) ...
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Thanks, Julie! I have lots of slides around. Haven't really done anything with them.
What a fun thing to do! I have slides from my parent’s various holidays from years ago that a friend is kindly putting onto a disk for me ..
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Hi Lavinia. It was a lot of fun.
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