Monarch in the Wind

July 25, 2016  •  12 Comments

This Monarch Butterfly was very determined to feed on our white and pink butterfly bushes growing on the edge of our deck. It held on best it could, and then kept coming back after getting blown off the bushes several times by gusts of wind from a thunderstorm that rolled through in the afternoon. I used high shutter speeds, and waited for when the wind was not whipping the bushes around so violently to get these shots.








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Thanks, Julie! They are really hard to get on the wing.
Hi Tim, I had a monarch flitting around our garden the other day. Not a chance of a pic! These are lovely .. Thanks for sharing
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Thanks, Susan! I've seen several monarchs around, so maybe they will make it up your way.
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Thanks, Teagan!
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Thanks, Herman. Our cats don't pay much attention to the butterflies, but they really love chasing moths.
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