One Hundred Five and Snow

June 18, 2016  •  11 Comments

It was 105º when I left for the Cancer Center to get a Neupogen® shot


Summer snow under an almost full moon


It was 99º in the shade of a tree when I left the Cancer Center to go by the office


Grasshopper on a black hollyhock


It was 100º in the alley behind the office when I headed home


Bee working a columbine


It was 102º when I drove up on our mulched driveway


Too hot! Loving your bee and that holly hock ..
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Thanks, Lavinia! It's about a week earlier than usual for 100 degree temps, but no official records broken.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
Happy Father's Day, Tim!

Wow, the temperatures are getting up there already where you are. We've seen almost 90 here so far, but we have been back in a cool weather pattern for a while. It won't last though...
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Hi Harry. Tt would feel much hotter in Belgium than it does here.
40.5º C is HOT !
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