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Herzogii — Floral forest of Cosmos herzogii


I've been Holding Da Reins all week long while working, cat herding, blogging and helping Laurie and Tristan get ready to present papers at the 48th Annual Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Medieval & Renaissance Association held at UNM this year. In the meantime, my immune system went south and my health insurance had a bout of temporary insanity putting the approval of Neupogen® shots to help rebuild my immune system under consideration for approval, which put off my first shot for a half a day while we spent time tracking down an insurance rep who could help expedite the "consideration" process. As I told the insurance rep that finally called back, of all the procedures and medications I have received and will receive, Neupogen® shots should never be put "under consideration" for approval. Other than that, I got a full week in at the office, and have had plenty of energy.

I will start the second round of chemo on 06/20/16, which is Solstice, the Strawberry Moon (full moon), 42†, and yet another day for the world to end.  In case you missed it, the world was supposed to heat up and spontaneously combust on 06/06/16 from global warming. 06/06/16 was also the day of the Antichrist. I thought 06/16/16 would be another "end of the world" date, but I didn't find anything catastrophic mentioned; however, the number sequence also fits the sign of the beast — the square root of 38 (6+16+16) is 6.16, and 616 is another sign for the beast depending on how one translates Revelations. I was disappointed that 06/16/16 seemed to have no more relevance to apocalypticism than my imagination.


†6+20+16=42. 42 is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything.



Dove —  what's left of a lonesome dove



Rosencrantz emerging from a catnip forest



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Thanks, Julie!
That insurance mishap must have been stressful .. Sorry to hear that Tim. Loving your cosmos, and Rosencrantz. So pleased we didn't combust!
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Thanks, Lavinia!
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
Sorry to hear about the insurance snafu, but hopefully it is under control now.

Beautiful photos, as always. Congratulations to Tristan and Laurie on presenting at the Rocky Mountain Medieval & Renaissance Association meeting. That is a lot of work!

Rosencrantz looks happy in his catnip forest!
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Thanks, Susan! Where has the year gone. The 4th of July parade is only two weeks away.
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