A Busy Day

June 30, 2016  •  16 Comments

Spunk: "Didn't you get me anything?"


After all the care from Laurie and the kitties, all your well wishes and positive thoughts, gargling douche every four hours, going through the complicated process of taking a brutal antibiotic, and Laurie's mom making a special trip to get us primordial yogurt, I woke up with a normal temperature of 97.3º F and started a busy day. By 7:00 am I was on the roof getting the specs on the cooler motor that had gone out. I drove to Lowe's under dark, threatening clouds to get a new motor and belt, got back from Lowe's at 7:45 am in a light rain. I put the pulley on the motor, gathered up tools and was back up on the roof in a slightly heavier rain to replace the motor by 8:00 am. Thirty minutes later and only 4 trips back down the ladder to get the more tools, lubrication, and the new belt (duh), I had the motor changed. After I got all the tools back in place, I showered, dressed and was ready for work. I got in the car and the low tire light reminded me I needed to put air the right rear tire. I backed the car near the power, got the compressor, plugged it in and waited for it to get up to pressure. After I got the tire aired up, I put the compressor away, and was finally off to work.

I got to the office at 10:00 am, left at 5:30 pm and was back home by a little after 6:00 pm.  I helped Laurie unload her car from her trip to Costco, and after we unloaded all the bags Spunk searched them thoroughly and was disappointed Laurie hadn't brought home anything that was specifically for him.  At 6:20 pm I took my third round of anti-biotics and started the routine for making them work.  After organizing a little, I went out and lowered the gate to irrigate, got all the plugs and water routing set, and then walked the garden to get photos for today's post.  The ditch rider was thoughtful enough to text me to ask if I wanted water since I hadn't texted him on Tuesday asking for water like I usually do, and he made water available for me this evening. Once water got going, I had to go out and plug a few holes, beat back some gophers and play with the baby skunks.

We have a couple of baby skunks who play this game with me that when I'm on the walk, taking out compost, or turning off drippers in the the dark, they run up right up to my feet, like "surprise", run off and then do it again. The other night when I walked out to turn off the drippers, they followed me and I about stepped on one when I turned around to go back in. They are so cute and seem to have a lot of fun with their little game. Unfortunately, my carry camera is out for repair, so don't have photos of the little skunks.

It will be midnight by the time I'm finished watering and get everything shutdown and the gate lifted, ending a very busy day.







T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie!
Wow Tim, you sure did have a busy day! So pleased your temp is normal. Loved your walks outdoors with those skunks .. Hilarious. I would love to see some pics. That is a huge beetle! Wonderful images, please pat Spunk for me
T & L Photos
Thanks, Juanita!
Wow, you did have a super busy day! Love all your photos today. Be careful with the baby skunks, could get stinky, you know.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Susan!
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