Veteran's Honor and America

May 30, 2016  •  8 Comments

Veteran's Honor with perfect form in appreciation of the service to our country our veterans have provided. 


Veteran's Honor is a beautiful red rose to honor our men and women who have served our country and in many cases given all so we can be free.


And yet our veterans suffer under stifling regulations, indifference from government officials, and often outright hostility from the very people who should be most appreciative of them. Our veterans have fought and died for everyone.


Veteran's Honor






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Thanks, Julie!
Oh Tim .. Such beauty! The Veteran honour is glorious and perfect indeed to honour them.
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Thanks, Liz! I's email you about the photo.
Liz Mogford(non-registered)
Hi Tim! I'm having a good time looking back at all of your recent photos! Wow. Can I possibly get a copy of Once In A Blue Moon from May 21st? It is so astonishing. Thank you for the veteran's flowers and for the memorial comments.
Love to you,
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Thanks, Lavinia!
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