In the Garden

May 29, 2016  •  18 Comments



Laurie and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary in the garden.  All those years together is reflected in our garden and our deck.


Our garden is beautifully wild


Our deck, lighting up our "moon lit" garden surrounding it


This is what we call "the circle" garden


The north side of the deck with a view of the outdoor kitchen


The catio with Pink Iceberg on the left and Carefree Spirit on the right


The south and east side of the deck


Tristan's "secret garden" with a collection of pink roses


Looking west from the circle garden over the grapes at 4th of July, Betty Boop and Marmalade Skies against the wall and the David Austin roses in front of the secret garden


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Thanks, Julie!
Congratulations! And your garden looks exquisite .. Love the roses Tim, they are just beautiful
T & L Photos
Thanks, David!
Much belated anniversary greetings to you and your bride. I like what you did with your deck, the covering and the lighting.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Lavinia!
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