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December 31, 2016  •  18 Comments


The year of our Lord two-thousand sixteen was a strange year with many celebrity deaths, increased violence all over the globe, politics turned on its head in most of the free world, and a lot of people struggling simply to survive.  Two-thousand sixteen is the only year in the 21st Century that has 36 positive divisors: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 28, 32, 36, 42, 48, 56, 63, 72, 84, 96, 112, 126, 144, 168, 224, 252, 288, 336, 504, 672, 1008, 2016, and it didn’t seem that much good came out of a year with so many divisions. 

The average positive divisors for all the years in the 21st Century is 8.6, with the only year that will come close to 2016 will be 2040 with 32 positive divisors. The world will have to wait 83 years until the beginning of the 22nd Century before it sees another year with 36 positive divisors in 2100.

Fortunately, the year of our Lord two-thousand seventeen is prime, with only two odd divisors 1 and 2017. I’m looking forward to a year with no real divisions to be a positive and prosperous year for everyone.



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Thanks, Julie!
hi Tim. Gosh that is an interesting way to look at 2016! Here's to 2017 .. I hope it is a happy year for you, Laurie and Tristan .. and all those gorgeous furry pals of yours! Thanks for sharing with us ...
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Hi David. Humanity is a problem, but as I was telling our paster this morning, it's amazing how much of "Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven..." despite humanity, our stubbornness and failings.
And, a Happy New Year to you, Laurie, Tristan and the critter crew. :)

In the final analysis, it is always about the numbers. With so many divisors, it may explain why 2016 was a year fractured along so many dividing lines. Hopefully, in such 2017 being a prime number and only two divisors, it'll be a better year. The wild card, of course, is humanity.
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Thanks, Juanita!
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